Feedback from a student

08 October 2015
I got a bit of feedback from a student at triyoga the other day that said I was angry and toxic when teaching my class. I’ve been at triyoga since

Smart Women

30 September 2015
A few 5 minute videos done with Red magazine online Smart Women Week... 5 minute yoga energy boost with Nadia Narain 5 minute yoga to stretch your back with Nadia

Learning to be kind to yourself

10 August 2015
This is an interesting concept for me and doesn’t come so naturally…. However I spend all my days being kind to others and looking after others and teaching them to

Change your mind and relax into things as they are .......

28 July 2015
This morning I woke up from very strange and stressful dreams. You know those ones where you are dreaming but it feels so real. So I woke up feeling all

International Yoga Day

21 June 2015
Talking to BBC News on International yoga day ....

our day to day , moment to moment practice is not just on the mat

30 September 2013
As we know the "yoga" we all do each week is only 1 aspect of the yoga practice. The asana practice. The practice is a way of life to be

Disappointment ........

26 March 2013
Recently i was really disappointed by a situation. I had all my eggs in this basket and was really excited in every way. And it didnt quite work out as

Letting Go

13 February 2013
They say Letting Go of something, makes space for something new......... I know that when i look back on my life in times where ive been forced to let someone

Christophes immune boosting food

19 November 2012
I just did another 5 days of Chrsitophes food and while everyone else has been coming down with something, ive been feel great!. Full of energy and well being.  

Being present

29 August 2012
Its a tough one. And one they talk about all the time in yoga and meditation classes and books. I never really got what that meant until now............   I